Parking at Murouj has never been this easy!
PASS brings to you an automated and modern parking system. Now, you can pre-book your parking spot at Murouj, even before you arrive.

1. Download the PASS Application here
2. Sign up, add your car details & top-up your PASS account
3. Pre-book your parking on the PASS App

Drive to the pre-booking area and enter with ease. A camera will recognize your license plate and allow you to enter. A parking spot will be waiting for you.

At the exit, the parking amount will be calculated and deducted directly from your PASS account.


Are you already a PASS customer? A parking lot is meant just for you at Murouj.

PASS offers an automated parking experience that doesn’t involve any manual parking methods like tickets, cash or card.

Drive to the PASS Exclusive area and enter without pulling out a ticket. The PASS camera will recognize your license plate and you can enter the parking lot. You can pay for your parking using the PASS app and enjoy the new-age automated parking system.