Make your family’s experience more memorable and enjoy an up-close encounter with animals from our Petting Zoo! The Murouj Petting Zoo will take your experience to a whole new level, built in a land area of 5000 sqm, it features a range of animals from goat, sheep, roosters & more. It also includes a Llama & Ostrich Yard, allowing you to learn about the animals unique characteristics and natural environment. There will also be a bird aviary section including a variety of species you will be able to watch in their natural habitat. If you haven’t yet, you may also experience the ride of a lifetime with our pony & camel rides.

Our vision behind this project is to provide more insight to our visitors about the nature & wildlife of the animals chosen whilst building memories that will last a lifetime.

There will be well informed staff on site that will be happy to assist you with any questions about the animals you encounter.

Murouj Petting Zoo, a family experience made more memorable.