Our Brand

ice cream like no other
Häagen-Dazs has been making ice cream like no other since 1961. Our founder, Reuben Mattus’ vision was to make the best ice cream in the world using high quality, carefully selected ingredients. Reuben believed that if you were going to indulge in ice cream, it should be a real and fulfilling experience rather than the ‘cold and sweet stuff’ of his time.

Passion for Perfection

dedicated to ice cream
Reuben dedicated himself to creating an ice cream that was silky, smooth and creamy in texture and with flavours that were deserving of an adult’s palate. He married his business-whizz wife Rose, and together they launched Häagen-Dazs with three simple flavours: chocolate, vanilla and coffee. Driven by a passion for perfection, it took Häagen-Dazs six years to figure out how to make a strawberry ice cream that satisfied him.

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