Caribou Coffee’s roastery and cupping lab is a world-class coffee facility! We rigorously taste our coffee at multiple points throughout its journey and only select the finest quality beans.

Our quality lab, which is dedicated to our original roastmaster, Amy Erickson, is always the hub of activity where blends are being developed, technicians are cupping their day’s creations, and buyers are slurping and spitting offers from producers and vendors from all parts of the world.

The cupping lab is in fact the alpha and the omega of every bean that has the privilege of gracing itself with Caribou’s name. Our roastery is the world’s most sophisticated coffee kitchen, designed and built with a primary focus on quality.

Only the best equipment with the latest technology from Europe and the United States is good enough to transform Caribou’s coffee from raw green bean to freshly roasted bliss. And at every step of the transformation process the same roastery staff are responsible for a myriad of quality checks to ensure only the most delicious results.

From 06:30 am to 12:00 am